100 Thieves Hiko’s Professional VALORANT tier list

Two months since his initial tier list, 100 Thieves’ Spencer “Hiko” Martin ranked all eleven VALORANT Agents for the professional meta. He explained on his stream that this ranking is post-patch 1.02 and is based off of current professional tournaments, not solo que.

S-tier (Sage, Cypher, Brimstone)

To no ones surprise, Hiko put Sage as his first Agent in the highest tier. He said that few teams have run Agent compositions without Sage. Hiko also said her stalling abilities and revive still make her the most valuable Agent in the game.

“I think she is S-tier even after the wall nerf,” Hiko said.

Cypher joins Sage in the S-tier because of his presence in the professional meta, and his overall utility. According to Hiko, Cypher was picked in 95% of games in professional play so far. The meta has evolved to create some counters for Cypher, but that doesn’t stop Hiko from rating the Agent highly.

“His cages, his camera and just his ability to live are why he is so good,” Hiko said.

To finish out S-tier, Hiko put Brimstone for his stalling abilities and his smokes. This Agent can win rounds by putting his Molotov, or Ultimate, on the spike and has the best smokes in the game, according to Hiko.

“I think Brim is really good for a team, I think his smokes are the best in the game and his Molotov gives him the ability to win clutch rounds,” Hiko said.

A-tier (Omen, Sova, Raze)

Breaking into Hiko’s A-tier is Omen, who was previously D-tier. The shadow Agent has seen an uptick in presence in professional play, and his abilities can counter the current double Operator meta.

“I think he is seeing so much play because of his smokes,” Hiko said.

Hiko went on to praise Omen’s flash and his teleport ability on certian maps.

Hiko said that Sova is played on three of the four maps consistently and is a hard counter to Cypher, which make him a must pick in most professional settings.

“Having a really good Sova on your team, having really good arrows, having good strategies with those arrows as well as being able to get free kills with his Ult really fast definitely makes Sova very good right now,” Hiko said.

Another new addition to A-tier, Raze was alone in C-tier in Hiko’s previous rankings. Raze earned her spot in this tier because of her stalling ability and her counter-play to Cypher.

“I know people think that she is bad, I know people think that she is not very useful,” Hiko said. “But, her abilities actually hold spots so easily,”

Raze’s presence is professional play also rival the top three in S-tier across all maps.

B-tier (Breach, Phoenix, Jett)

Breach has dropped two tiers since Hiko’s initial rankings. Hiko cites the Agents lower presence across all maps and his lack of utility in the current meta. Hiko said he still thinks the Agent’s stun and Ultimate are useful, but his flash is hard to hit in this meta.

“I think people would rather have a Sova, a Raze, or an Omen right now,” Hiko said.

Jett jumps from D-tier thanks to her presence in current professional play and her shiftiness around every map in the game. Hiko said he still doesn’t think the Agent is that great, but can’t deny the results.

“I think the reason why Jett is good is because she has a very easy way to get around utility,” said Hiko.

Hiko also said Jett’s Ultimate is very good for early rounds and for getting free kills when cornered.

Another fallen Agent, Phoenix was in Hiko’s A-tier previously but has fallen because of his lack of utility. Hiko said he still thinks the Agent is good, but that he doesn’t bring as much to the team as the other Agents above him.

“I still think his flashes are good and the amount of pressure a Phoenix Ult puts on an enemy is so high,” Hiko said.

C-tier (Viper, Reyna)

“I’ve been saying for a long time, I think Viper is good but I don’t think people play her very well,” Hiko said.

The poison Agent has not seen much professional play, but Hiko said that her recent buffs have made her much better. He also went on to explain that the Agent does have good abilities, but players have yet to develop strategies around them effectively.

The newest Agent to VALORANT gets the lowest ranking according to Hiko. He said that Reyna’s abilities are too kill reliant and that is not efficient professional competition.

“Especially in high level professional play can you really guarantee that your Reyna is going to be the one getting the kills? I don’t think you can,” Hiko said.

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