All Upcoming Ignition Series Events

Riot Games has announced a list of every Ignition Series event coming this summer. The list includes North American, European, Oceania, and Japanese regional tournaments hosted by local esports organizations.

Pax Arena x Ignition

This North American event will take place July 22-26 with $25,000 on the line. It will feature 16 professional teams and four influencer teams. The group stage can only be viewed via participants steams, but the playoffs will be broadcast on Pax’s official stream.

Vitality x Ignition

This European event will run July 5-12 with €15,000 up for grabs. It had a completely open qualifying phase with 128 teams entering for a shot at the group and playoff stage. This tournament is a way for Vitality to scout talent for its eventual VALORANT roster. It will be streamed on Vitality’s official Twitch account.

WePlay! x Ignition: The WePlay! VALORANT Invitation

Another European event, this time an invitational bringing together some of Europe’s top teams. The event will have an open qualifying tournament July 13-14 in which two teams will qualify to go up against the six invited professional teams. The teams invited are fish123, forZe, G2 Esports. Ninjas in Pyjamas, Prodigy, and PartyParrots.

The event has $50,000 prize pool and will have a swiss bracket group stage and a single elimination playoff bracket July 15-17. All games will be best of three.

Order x Ignition: The ORDER Oceanic VALORANT Open

This Oceania event will take place July 3-19 with the open qualifier tournament taking place July 3-13. The event’s group stage will be played July 17-19 and its playoffs on July 22-25. The tournament has a $10,000 AUD prize pool and will showcase local broadcast talent.

All stages of the event will be streamed on ORDER’s Twitch channel.

Mandatory x Ignition: The Mandatory Cup

The last of the current European tournaments, this event is another completely open tournament with 128 spots open for players above Platinum 1 rank. The tournament will have a €15,000 prize pool and will run from July 31-August 2. The action will be broadcast on official Twitch account.

RAGE Japan Tournament x Ignition Series

This Japanese tournament will have a ¥5,000,000 prize pool with 128 of Japan’s top teams. The event will be held August 1-2 and will be streamed on

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