Deathmatch Coming and No Plans for a Ban System

In the second installment of Ask VALORANT, a Q&A series with VALORANT developers, the developers announced their intention of adding a Deathmatch mode and why they will not add an Agent or map ban system.

Deathmatch is a mode that players have been asking for since the game’s closed beta. It is a common way for player to warm up and is a fast way for new players to pick up the games underlying mechanics. The mode is also great for casual players, who may not have the time commitment to play an entire match of Unrated or Ranked mode.

VALORANT patch 0.50

“Deathmatch is absolutely a mode that is coming to VALORANT in the future. We don’t have a timetable yet, but it’s something where we’re actively working on the underlying technology as well as designing, iterating, prototyping, and playtesting right now.” Wrote Jared Berbach, lead mode producer for VALORANT.

Another question players have been asking is whether the developers will add map and Agent bans for Ranked Mode. This practice is common across FPS titles similar to VALORANT like Counter Strike and Rainbow Six Siege.

“We’ve considered a draft phase for agents, but the current thinking is that we would not have bans.” Wrote Trevor Romleski, senior game designer for VALORANT.

The developers rationale is that it does not want to take away a players star Agent or hinder any teams that have specific strategies centered around a combination of Agents. The statement also said that the design team is trying to create a healthy meta that does not include any oppressive Agents that would be ban worthy.

VALORANT also has a limited pool of Agents currently and instituting a ban system could take away too many options for payers. Also, map bans were not addressed by the developers so that question is still up in the air.

They also did not say whether or not Agent and map bans will be reconsidered later on in the game’s life time. The developers time table for Agent releases is about six per year, so the idea of a ban system might be given more weight once the games cast has expanded a bit more down the road.

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