Developer share their thoughts on whether the Operator is OP and in-game Footsteps

In the most recent post of the Ask VALORANt series, the game’s developers answered some burning questions from players.

Is The Operator OP?

Courtesy Riot Games

The short answer from the developers is yes, but not really.

The Operator, in their eyes, is a tool that needs to be played around by a team and not an individual. While there are Agents that can rush down and deal with an someone with the gun, there are more Agents that cannot overcome its obvious strengths.

Tweaking or nerfing the gun is not out of the question, but the developers want to take a more measured approach to fixing this issue.

“The Operator—like all weapons, maps, Agents, etc.—is a part of our continuous holistic review of the state of the game, and we’ll make changes in the future if we feel it’s needed. No changes now doesn’t mean no changes ever.” Said Nicholas “Nickwu” Smith, a game designer for VALORANT.

How Loud are Footsteps?

A player posed a question to the developers, how does the footstep audio function in VALORANT?

The developers responded with the simple explanation that footsteps in the game operate on a flat curve regardless of how close someone is to another player. The function of the audio cue is to make sure players are aware of an enemy, but that they cannot hear exactly where the enemy is or where they are coming from.

There are a wide range of reasons for why footsteps are like this. The main two that the developers highlight are to keep the playing field level and not give an advantage to players that have better headphones or play with their sound at excruciating levels. The second, not everyone games in the same environment. The developers said that they want the audio to function whether a player is in a quiet room at home or a loud open PC area.

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