Everything You Need To Know About Patch 1.05

This patch brings in a new Act, Act II, a new Agent, Killjoy, and a whole new set of skins and sprays to unlock with a Battlepass. Also, this patch has some adjustments to Ranked mode, a new Deathmatch mode, and some Raze nerfs.

Here is everything you need to know about Patch 1.05.

Agent Changes

Courtesy Riot Games

Killjoy has been added to the game in this patch. She is a part of the Sentinel class and uses her gadgets to take over the game. The German Agent has a molly-like grenade, a turret, and an alarm robot as her basic abilities.

Her Ultimate ability is a device that debuffs enemies in a certain radius, once hit they can no longer use weapons or abilities.

Courtesy Riot Games

Raze is receiving some slight nerfs to her Ultimate and Blast Packs this patch. Her Ultimate got an increase in the time it takes to equip, now it takes 1.4 seconds to equip normally and 0.7 seconds to quick equip.

Her Blast Packs’ damage has been reduced by 25, making them do 50 damage. The ability’s damage to objects is now consistently 600.


The once-rumored mode is here. Deathmatch is in beta in this patch and will be evaluated by the development team as it goes on.

The mode will have 10 players that will duke it out guns-only with randomly assigned Agents. Players can buy whatever guns they want, heavy armor is equipped when spawned. When a player is killed they will drop health kits that will restore health and armor and reload whatever gun they are holding. Players will be periodically revealed on the minimap.

The game mode is first 30 kills with a six minute time limit.

Ranked Mode Changes

Everyone’s rank has been reset because of the start of the new Act. Players Act Ranked games have been added to their match history. Players can now see their Ranked Match history and what ranked that had in each game, players can also view friends career tabs to view their rank and match history. Players who played ranked in Act I will only have to play three placement matches.

Players will be placed in conservative ranks, about two tiers below where they should be, to maintain competitive integrity. Riot is also trying a address solo queue players complaints about running into duos or groups of players in their games. Players who queue with others in Ranked Mode will now be matched against players in similar sized groups.

Those arrows that appear next to players rank after each game have been changed slightly. They now show how your rank was affected after each match, one arrow is decreased or increased slightly, two is just decreased or increased, three is greatly increased or decreased.

Quality of Life

Players will now be informed via email if their report of another player has resulted in a punishment.

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