Everything You Need To Know About Patch 1.07

After a short summer break, and a light patch two weeks ago, Riot has graced VALORANT with another big patch. This time, with tweaks to Killjoy and the Vandal, while also making major changes to Breach, Sage, and Shotguns.

This is everything you need to know about patch 1.07.

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Agent Changes

Breach got a massive update this patch. Along with changes to his Ultimate and concussion status effect, he also got one more flash charge. The developers said that they are thing of integrating more changes to Breach in the future, but want to see how this update changes his pick rate and all around agency in the game.

The Agent now has three flash charges and the windup time for the ability has been reduced slightly. His Ultimate, Rolling Thunder, now moves quicker between blasts, making it harder to dodge and escape from. The concussion effect that the Ultimate and his signature ability have on players hit now de-scopes players who were scoped in on their weapon. It also prevents them from scoping in while the effect is active.

In keeping with patch tradition, Sage is again being nerfed. The Agent is getting hit at each of her orb abilities.

Sage’s healing now only heals 60 HP with the time is takes to heal herself changing to 10 seconds. Her Slow Orb has had its size reduced by 30% and covers less ground than before. Barrier Orb is probably the least nerfed of her abilities, it’s cost has been reduced to 300 credits and the wall’s HP numbers change depending on how long it has been up. It starts at 400 and then increases to 800 after three seconds.

Sage has been changed to be a less reactive and self-serving Agent. Her heals are now get less utility when used on herself and her wall is easier to get through when used to quickly block off enemy agents.

Viper received some minor buffs this patch that should help establish her in the meta. Her Toxic screen can now be placed before the spawn barriers fall and comes up faster when her toxin is full.

Her Decay debuff no longer effects allies, making her ultimate and smoke plus Viper Pit less dangerous for her teammates to play around.

Killjoy is receiving some slight changes after her release to smooth out her introduction to VALORANT. Her Nanoswarm now has a slight windup time added to its activation along with some visual effects to make it easier for enemies to spot. The ability also got nerfed slight in terms of damage, it now does 40 damage per second.

Her turret is getting a slight buff as well. It no longer shows up on Sova’s recon dart and it now tracks enemies slightly better when shooting.

Weapon Changes

Shotguns are getting a slight change across the board this patch. The aim punch for head shots is now reduced for the guns across the board as well as the slow value for hitting enemies past 10 meters.

For specific gun changes, the Shorty and Judge both received small nerfs. The Shorty’s damage drop off range has been reduced to seven meters and it’s head shot multiplier is now double instead of triple. The Judge has had its price increased from 1500 credits to 1600 credis.

The Vandal is getting buffed this patch to try to make it more comparable to the Phantom. The gun’s fire rate has been increased by .5 and damage has been increased by 1.

Hit Impact and VFX Changes

A big part of the patch notes, and even a previous article from the developers, is about changes to shot impacts and the visual effects for head and body shots.

The changes can be boiled down to improving hit registration when players crouch and changing the blood and hit effects when getting a head shot.

Ranked Changes

Riot has introduced a remake function for competitive matches. If a player disconnected at the start of a match, players no longer have to accept the loss and surrender. Now, players can type /remake in chat in the second round of the match and, with a unanimous vote, end the match without a loss on their record.

Quality of Life Chaniges

The developers have introduced some changes to Observer Mode that should help beef up production for professional games. The biggest change is the introduction of aim lines for players that can be toggled on and off.

Players can also now go into private mode for public matches. Player names can now be toggled off for people not in your party. This also works the other way around, players can hide their in-game name from player not in their party.

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