Everything You Need To Know About Patch 1.08

This patch includes changes to Raze, the Guardian, and map rotations. The developers have also graced players with a toggle option for seeing other players getting flashed in Observer Mode,

Here is everything you need to know about VALORANT patch 1.08.

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Agent Changes

Raze is getting some slight changes to her Blast Pack. These are not nerfs or buffs, just adjustments to make the Agent feel better to play. The ability’s damage has been reduced to 15 within a .2 meters, falling off as players get farther away.

If players let the ability land and sit on a surface for half a second, its max damage will increase to 50. The satchel is now shootable in the air and will detonate once shot. The ability also no longer damages allies.

Gun Changes

The Guardian is getting another look at this patch. The often forgotten rifle is receiving anther buff after its first numbers improvement brought it little play.

The gun now costs 2400 credits and it rate of fire has been increased to 5.25. The weapon also has an improved recovery time after firing its first three bullets.

Map Changes

There are no direct map changes this patch, just changes to the map rotation algorithm so players will no longer get Split 11 times in a row.

Now instead of the map rotations being random, players recent games will influence what map they will play on next.

Quality of Life Changes

The two biggest changes the developers have added is a few minimap enhancements, making the UI a little smoother, and toggling flashes for Observers. Now, observers will no longer be blinded along with the player they are spectating. Instead, Observers will see a timer for how long the flash will last.

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