Everything You Need To Know About Patch 1.09

A new patch has rolled around again, this time with the much anticipated Operator nerfs and a few changes to Jett and other Agents. As always, Cypher bugs and Viper buffs are also included.

Here is everything you need to know about patch 1.09.

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Agent Changes

Omen, Reyna, and Brimstone all received some minor changes to help balance them out this patch. Brimstone had his stem beacon fire rate buffed up to 15% and Reyna got a nerf to the fire rate during her ultimate, it is now also 15%. Omens flash, Paranoia is now more visible to enemies creating more counter play around the ability.

Jett and Viper received some of the bigger changes this patch. Jett’s ultimate has been heavily nerfed, with its damage range, headshot multiplier, and time between burst firing all being significantly lowered.

Viper on the other hand, is receiving more buffs to increase her play rate. She now starts each round at gull fuel and her Snake Bite now lingers for two seconds after enemies have left its area. Viper’s Ultimate now increases her movement during its initial activation while also decreasing the time it takes for her to pull her gun back out after it is cast.

Gun Changes

The much anticipated Operator nerfs have come to pass. The guns price has been increased to 5.000 credits and its fire rate has been decreased significantly. The main nerfs that will hurt the gun is the decrease in accuracy while moving and the increase in time it takes to become accurate after becoming stationary. The damage done to enemies lower body has been reduced by seven damage. Lastly, the scoped movement speed has been reduced by 4%.

All weapons have also received some slight tweaks to accuracy while jumping and landing.

Other Changes

The last few changes included in this patch include changes to the chat window, which now stays open across tabs, and queue time management. The patch states that queue times should no longer be over an hour for higher elos.

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