Everything You Need To Know About Patch 1.11

This weeks patch notes come with a few changes to the Sentinels class, some competitive updates, and tweaks to the economy ruleset. As always, these are a smattering of quality of life updates, like teams no longer switching colors when sides change, and some bug fixes, Jett’s rope dash is now dead.

Riot has also made a ruling on whether or not Skye will be playable in professional matches. The new Agent will be available after two weeks in the Competitive Queue.

Here is everything you need to know about Patch 1.11.

Agent Changes

Sentinels are getting a decent sized overhaul in 1.11. Traps and recon abilities now disappear once the Agent that placed them died and no longer add value to a team after death.

Cypher’s Trapwire and Spy Camera are now visible and disabled upon his death. Killjoy has also been included in this change, albeit to a lesser degree. The Agent now has a range, 40 meters, that once she exits her Alarmbot and Turret deactivate.

She is also getting some slight tweaks beyond those changes. The cooldown to pick up her Turret has been reduced to 10 seconds and her Alarmbot cooldown after pickup has been reduced to 7 seconds. The range in which her Alarmbot can be detected has also been reduced to 7 meters.

Lastly, Killjoy’s Nanoswarm has been changed as well. The ability now has increased damage 45 HP every second, and reduced detection range, 3.5 meters.

Riot has also decided to mess with flashes again. The fade out from the debuff has been tweaked to start slower at the start, but will still be the same duration. Breach’s flash time has also been increased to two seconds.

Economy Changes

Riot has made some changes to credits for players that decide to save their guns when a round is over. Attackers who survive the round but do not plant the spike now only receive 1,000 credits at the end of the round. The same thing goes for defenders who survive a round once the spike has detonated. These changes are intended to add more urgency more players to take fights once a round is lost as opposed to playing safe.

Competitive Updates

Riot has decided that its new map, Icebox, will enter the competitive map rotation and will be playable in professional matches four weeks after its introduction.

Combat Score will now factor in assists that occur without any damage and Riot is promising shorter queue times for high rated players in Unrated queues.

Quality of Life Changes

Life-handed players rejoice! Players now have the option to toggle left-handed view for Agent player models. This toggle can be found in the settings menu.

Custom games are getting a new feature as well. Players now have the option to play out all rounds, meaning the match will end after 24 rounds and the winner will be decided by number of round wins.

Experimental sharpening is also getting another patch cycle after Riot received feedback from players. Lastly, players can now send messages to friends by directly clicking their names in chat instead of spelling everything out.

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