Everything you need to know about VALORANT patch 1.0

With VALORANT’s official launch comes patch 1.0. This patch includes changes to Agents, Split, and hit registration. Also introduced in this patch is a new Agent, map, and game mode.

Agent Changes

Omen received some quality of life changes that are designed to help him be more precise with his abilities. His Dark Cover ability has had its controls and targeting UI changed. Players are now put into a “phaser” UI that allows them to see through walls and better target areas. To return to the old UI players just have to press reload while in the “phaser” UI. The distance controls for the ability have been moved to the mouse, on the fire and alt fire buttons. The ability is activated by pressing the ability button again.

His flash has been changed to an equipped ability instead of a quick cast. Omen’s teleport will now indicate where he will be teleporting on the map and have an indicator on-screen if his vision is impaired. His Ultimate has also received a slight change. Omen can now cancel his Ultimate when in his shade form by pressing the cast key again. This will still use all of his Ultimate points.

Phoenix has received some minor changes to all of his abilities to even out his healing and damage. His wall duration has been increased to eight seconds and its damage and healing overtime has been changed as well. The damage overtime is now one HP every 0.033 seconds and the healing overtime is now one HP every 0.16 seconds. His Hot Hands ability has also been adjusted to match these new models, it now heals one HP every 0.08 seconds.

The British Agent also saw some changes to his flash. The developers bumped up the max flash duration to 1.1 to add more value because of the cost increase in the previous patch. His Ultimate ability also got a quality of life change, after its duration Phoenix will have all of his guns already reloaded.

Sage has received a few nerfs to her kit that should tone down her stalling abilities. Her Healing Orb ability now has a 45 second cool down, a substantial change from its previous 35 seconds. Her Barrier Orb duration has been decreased by 10 seconds, it is now 30 seconds. The different sections of her barrier have had their health reduced from 1000 to 800. Her barrier now shows up on player’s maps as well.

Raze and Jett also received some minor changes. Raze’s Blast Pack had it’s maximum damage radius changed to one meter. Jett has had her smokes duration increased to seven seconds and her Tailwind ability now breaks through Cyphers tripwires.

A new Agent, Reyna, was added to the game in this patch as well.

Map Changes

Split has had its mid portion revamped in this patch. The alley is now more open and is supposed to provide more options for attackers to push the lane.

A new map, Ascent, was added in this patch as well.

Quality of Life and Performance Updates

In this patch, the developers have taken great strides to improve hit detection and frame rate performance. They specifically highlight frame dips during gun fights and what they have changed to remedy the problem over the entire spectrum of PC performance.

In terms of community experience, the developers have added more guidelines and reasons to report players. Restrictions for violations have also been introduced, like voice and text chat bans.

The game’s UI has also been tweaked for the launch patch. Highlights include Agent select animations, visual updates, updated ping calculators and Observer updates. The developers have also removed the stall time when a player is reconnecting to a game at the start of the buy phase.


Ranked has been removed at launch and will be reintroduced once the game’s servers have been sufficiently tested. The developers do not want players to drop rank because of server maintenance of error.

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