Everything You Need to Know About VALORANT Patch 1.01

The second patch since VALORANT’s release is more of a hot fix then a traditional patch. There are a few minor changes that will impact gameplay, but nothing as substantial as previous patches. Here is everything you need to know about VALORANT patch 1.01.

Agent Changes

Sage is getting nerfed yet again. The healer has had her Barrier Orb cast distance reduced to mitigate her dominance over neutral areas. The distance is now 10 meters, it was 20 before. Sage can no longer run to an orb location and quickly put up a barrier.

Reyna’s Leer and Sova’s Recon Bolt will no longer show up on enemy’s minimap unless someone on their team is close to the affected area. This is probably the biggest change in the entire patch to gameplay. Now, Sova’s that use their signature ability early in the round have almost no penalty for throwing it out. The same goes for Reyna and what bomb she is pushing with her flash.

Map Changes

Besides the massive bug fixes that happen every patch with Cypher Cameras and the teleporters on Bind, the biggest change this patch is map call outs. The names of some call outs have been changed on the minimap and HUD to match with what most players have been using.

Spike Rush Changes

The developers have added a few quality of life changes to the new mode and added some new elements to keep it fresh and fun.

Three new orb types have been added, a Health Orb, Deception Orb and Golden Gun. Health Orb grants healing over 30 seconds. The Deception Orb makes enemies nearsighted for 10 seconds. Golden Gun gives players a gun that is a one-shot kill with increased movement speed.

Players now gain an Ultimate point for every Orb they collect. An Ultimate Orb will be available every round and the randomness of the Orb spawns has been changed slightly.

Quality of Life Changes

Say goodbye to the transition screen of Brimstone and Sage, the screen has been replaced with the map that players will be, or just, played on.

Missions will now be organized by completion and type. A new setting has been added to allow the shop to be able to opened at all times. At the shooting range, the changing Agents UI has been changed.

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