Everything You Need To Know About VALORANT Patch 1.04

This new patch includes some major buffs to Viper, tweaks to the Classic and some VFX to the new Elderflame skin line, and changes to the pre-round buy menu. This is a smaller patch than normal, but there are still some substantial changes. Here is everything you need to know about patch 1.04.

Courtesy of Riot Games

Agent Changes

Courtesy Riot Games

Viper has had some major changes to her Ultimate, Viper’s Pit, and her Decay and fuel mechanic.

Viper no longer has her fuel consumed at a higher rate if she has both Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen active. Now players can hold a site or create one-way smokes for longer the before.

The Agent’s Decay mechanic, reducing enemy player’s health when walking through her smoke and wall, has been buffed. The decay per second has been increased to 15 seconds and the affect last 2.5 seconds after leaving the ability.

Viper can now leave her Ultimate for 15 seconds before it collapses and can be dropped early if the mapped key is held. Enemies in the affected area now do not give information to their team via the minimap. Enemy players inside the Ultimate do not show played detection. The red outline of enemies inside the ability is now brighter and more distinct than before.

Also, Brimstone and Raze have had their Ultimate ability cost increased from six to seven points. Brimstone’s Stem Beacon now does not buff enemy players and does not show its radius to the enemy team.

Cypher’s Cyber Cage can now be picked up during the Buy Phase.

Weapon Changes

Courtesy Riot Games

While fixing some bugs with the Classic’s running and jumping accuracy, which is now fixed, the developers went in and improved the gun’s jumping and walking bullet spread. The gun is also 10% more accurate while crouching or standing still.

HUD and QOL Changes

The observes minimap vision cones are now colored code by team.

The weapon stat box in the pre-round gun shop is now has graphics to compare guns.

The Elderflame gun skin line has had a few bug fixes and audio adjustments to better integrate them into the game.

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