Hiko’s Competitive VALORANT tier list

Spencer “Hiko” Martin, former Counter Strike pro and current VALORANT pro for T1, ranked every VALORANT Agent from D to S tier on his YouTube channel. He based the rankings based on the Agents’ viability in the competitive VALORANT meta and not unranked or ranked que.

D-Tier (Jett, Omen)

In this tier, Hiko put Agents that he thinks bring nothing to the team and have the worst utility in the game.

“They don’t really mesh well in the competitive environment,” Hiko said in the video.

He put Jett and Omen in this tier. Hiko said that Jett is a fun character for solo que and has the most unique playstyle in the game. But, she adds little utility to her team. Jett’s smokes have the shortest duration in the game and the sound effects on her movement abilities make it easy to counter her in high level play.

Hiko said Omen’s abilities are garbage and not useful in a team environment. He explains that both of Omen’s teleport abilities are easily countered, but his smokes does last a decent amount of time. He goes on to say that the Agent’s flash is the worst in the game and is very hard to hit.

C-Tier (Raze)

The lone Agent in C tier is Raze. Hiko said the agent does have decent damage ability but and lacks everything else. Raze can kill an entire team with a well placed grenade or Ultimate, but has no utility outside of getting those kills.

“Ultimately, I don’t think she is that good,” Hiko said. “She brings no utility at all to competitive, but she is better than Jett and Omen because you can get kills with her.”

B-Tier (Viper)

Viper’s placement in this tier is all about potential for Hiko. He said he has not seen any good Vipers in competitive team play yet, but once people figure out how to use her she could be a dangerous pick. He also said that she could use a buff to some of her abilities, making them hit slightly harder.

“I think people underrate her pretty hard and I think she could be pretty good,” Hiko said.

A-Tier (Sova, Phoenix)

Sova and Phoenix land in the A tier of Hiko’s rankings. He said that they bring some utility to teams that make them viable to run in competitive play, but are outclassed by other Agents.

Hiko explains in the video that Sova does have good abilities, Recon Drone and his Ultimate, but that his arrows are lackluster. As time goes on, Hiko said people will catch on to player’s arrow placements and make them relatively useless as the meta develops.

“Sova is pretty overrated in my opinion,” Hiko said.

Phoenix, in Hiko’s opinion, has one of the best flashes in the game and is one of the best duelists. He said Phoenix’s Ultimate can single-handedly win his team a round and his wall ability has some applications for team play. Phoenix does not break into S-tier on Hiko’s rankings because there is another character who has even better flashes and utility.

S-Tier (Breach, Cypher, Brimstone)

Breach and Cypher are the two Agents that Hiko has chosen for his S-tier. These two Agents bring so much utility to any game and are a must have on any competitive team.

After initially putting his main in A-tier, Hiko moved Breach to S-tier and explained that the Agent is one of the best in the game. He cites Breach’s superior flashes and stuns along with his Ultimate, which he thinks is one of the best in the game. The only caveat is that a team with Breach needs to play around him to use him optimally.

“His abilities are probably the most rounded toolkit in the entire game,” Hiko said.

Brimstone lands in this tier because of his smokes and Ultimate. Hiko said he doesn’t think that the Agent has the best kit in the game, but that those two abilities make up for it. Brimstone’s smokes are the best in the game, according to Hiko, because they can be placed from anywhere. Players can buy three and have the longest duration in the game. His Ultimate is also game changing because it can win rounds and can get guaranteed kills if you know where the enemy is.

“I think Brimstone is super necessary to have,” Hiko said.

Cypher is in Hiko’s S-tier because of his massive utility and value on offense and defense. He said that the Agent cannot be flanked and his camera and tripwires give his team so much time to rotate to him if he is holding down a bomb site by himself.

Ultimately, Hiko said Cypher could step down to A-tier in the future. But, for now the Agent sits firmly because of his cameras, tripwires and cages according to Hiko.

S+ Tier (Sage)

In the video, Hiko said he would put Sage in an S+ tier if the website he was using allowed it. So, without those restraints that is where she will go.

“I think her abilities have the most support and most use in almost any scenario in the entire game,” Hiko said.

He goes on to explain that even without her heal or Ultimate, Sage would still be in contention for best Agent in the game because of her slow and wall orbs. Her ability to stall the game, added with other high-tier Agents’ stalling abilities, makes her necessary in every game. Add her heal and resurrection ability on top of that and you get an S+ tier Agent according to Hiko.

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