Infinite switches to VALORANT

Gage “Infinite” Green, a member of the now-disbanded team Orgless, announced in a TwitLonger that he would be switching from Counter Strike: Global Offensive to VALORANT. This comes one month after his team disbanded after a poor ESL: Road to Rio performance and the teams lack of a sponsor interest.

In the post, the now retired CS:GO pro wrote he could no longer rely on CS:GO to be his primary source of income. He continued to write that this switch is an opportunity for him to create a new narrative for his career.

This decision comes over a month after he tweeted he was not considering switching to VALORANT.

Infinte now joins a host of other ex-CS:GO pros who have retired from the game and switched to VALORANT. Infinte, like many of those ex-CS:GO players, does not have an organization or team backing him.

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I am an Indiana University student with a degree in journalism and a passion for esports. I have written about multiple games, League of Legends, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Rocket League, for multiple media outlets. You can catch me dying first every round in VALORANT or trying to get out of Silver in League of Legends.

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