New VALORANT Map Leaked?

According to multiple people that have data mined VALORANT, there is a new map that could be coming very soon. The new map, called Assent, has been leaked, but not yet confirmed by the game’s developers.

The developers have said they are going to add two new agents and one new map, so this could be the first look at it.

According to Reddit user u/UlfricTheThird, who has mined the game for data, the new map will be inspired by Italy and Venice motifs.

“I have been doing some data mining, and I have found some information on the new map code-named “Ascent”. I’ve learned that it takes place in Italy, as there is a lot of Italian writing on the textures. I think it is in Venice because some of the textures reference a canal.” He wrote. “There is also a gondola texture . 2 shops in the map are named bait shop and boat shop in the files. The street lamps have the same style that the street lamps in Venice have, but I don’t know if that’s just a style across Italy. There is also scaffolding models and textures in the files.”

 When the new map will drop has yet to be confirmed, but the most likely guess is that it will come out with either the next patch or when the new Agent releases.

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