Everything you need to know about VALORANT patch 0.49

In this patch, the developers fixed a variety of bugs and exploits while also adding a competitive rank mode to be opened later. The game’s user interface has also been tweaked to add more clarity and options for players. There are also a few gameplay fixes, but nothing as extensive as patch 0.48.

Agent and Map Updates

Omen and Breach both had visual updates, making their abilities and character models more identifiable. Omen had his ultimate ability tweaked as well, making it easier for players to identify when they can kill him when he uses his teleport and when damaging him will cancel it. The sound on his ultimate has been changed as well, the distance the noise indicator travels is less but it is now more identifiable where he is.

The map changes in this patch are to help fix exploits and bugs while also making surfaces more consistent across the three maps available. Map geometry has been fixed across all three maps to fix multiple, unspecified, exploits. Bind and Haven now have updated materials on walls and boxes to make those surfaces more consistent when shot. There is also another Cypher spycam glitch fix, this time to the boxes on Haven in Main A.

Curtains have been added to the top of the doors on Haven. This is to stop the Sage Barrier Orb strategy that allowed players to peak the top of the doors.

Custom Games Changes

Not only can players now leave custom games, but they can also fly around and observe them. The leave match button in the escape menu will now allow players to leave a custom game without a penalty. Players can reconnect any other way. The new observer mode is called ghost cheat and can be activated when a custom game has cheats enabled.

The camera in custom games also has some new added features. The drone camera will now switch to the most recently viewed player after it is toggled off. Observers are now able to view both teams in-game by swapping through player views after swapping through an entire team.

HUD and User Interface Changes

The developers have made some changes to add more visual clarity to players’ minimaps as well as their allies’ guns and abilities. They have added a new indicator that shows the direction of damage visualized on screen. Minimap icons have also been changed for visual clarity. Character portraits have been removed from the minimap and will be updated in future patches. There are also new visuals for players that are low on health and ammo.

The map has been changed as to make sure attackers are oriented on the bottom and defenders at the top. There is also now an option to make the player’s starting side as always on the bottom.

Voice activity is now visible over players allies, and not just on the bottom left of the screen. The Spike icon above the carries head has also been tampered with, it now has some added color to make it more visible. Pings elements now fade when seen by an ally, previously only the text would fade.

The out-of-game interface has been changed as well. The find match button has been moved, it is now under the play tab labeled as start. The same change has been implemented with the practice button. There is also now a play again button on the end game screen. Practice mode now has the option to spawn practice bots as a shootable switch in-game instead of in the F3 menu.

Quality of Life Changes

There is finally some punishment for leaving games. Players who leave games, or dodge the agent select screen, will be penalized with longer que times that compound for every offense.

Some audio elements have been updated, giving players the ability to better perceive distance. Now, not every footstep sounds like it is right around the corner. Shotguns have had their crosshair’s center dot moved by exactly one pixel to center it on players’ screens.

VALORANT players can now been seen as online by other Riot Games accounts. Players can now see who on their friends list is playing the game.

Bug Fixes

There are a lot of bug fixes in this patch, so to not make this an exhaustive list, here are some of the highlights.

A bug has been fixed that made Phoenix stick to a rope ladder if he used his ultimate ability while on one. He will no longer be stuck once he teleports back if he used it while attached to a ladder. Previously, Phoenix could be damaged by shooting the spot where his clone disappeared after the ability ended. That has been fixed.

Two Viper bugs have been patched. She can no longer animation cancel her Viper’s Pit and her Toxic Screen now has its gaps appear on the minimap.

Map region names now match where the player is on the minimap and player collision has been smoothed out.

The final big bug change is the Bucky’s alt-fire mode has been altered from a projectile to pure hitscan damage.

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