Royals take first place in week three of Valhalla Invitational

Royals, an orgless VALORANT team with ex-CS:GO pros Jack “kpiz” Pragnell, Artur ”leakeN” Gonserovskij and Tautvydas “HyPe” Paldavicius, won $1,500 for its first-place finish in week three of the Valhalla Invitational powered by Coil.

The C-tier tournament, which is notable for being one of the first events that Dignitas Female has attended, held its third week of play in the European server. The invite-only event spanned two days with a group stage and playoffs between the top two finishers in the two groups. The eight team tournament featured orgless teams like Royals and PartyParrots competing with European orgs like Godsent and Sector One.

Royals started its journey in Group B, leaving the group with the top seed after going 4-0. The team only dropped 18 rounds and its closest match was a 13-8 win against PartParrots. The European and Lithuanian squad went up against VALORANDO, a German streamer team and the second seed from Group A, in the semi-finals. Royals crushed its competition, winning 13-4 in both games of the best-of-three match on Haven and Split.

Royals met its Group B challenger PartyParrots in the finals of the tournament. This matchup was much closer than their group stage game, it went the distance. Royals beat PartyParrots in two games on Split and Haven, with each game going to overtime. Hype led the team in the first game with a 1.05 KDA on Raze and Harry “DPS” MacGill led the team in the second game with a 1.22 KDA on Omen.

“We all have input and ideas. It’s not just one person or one person expected to be telling everyone what to do. We all just read the map and give input and ideas and then we just have one person decide at the end this is what we should do,” said kpiz in an interview on stream after the finals match. “We work well together.”

This win adds to Royals’ two other first place finishes in other VALORANT tournaments during the closed beta. The team’s other wins include the Epulze VALORANT Prodigies Qualifier and the VALORANT Clutch Series Vol. 2.

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