VALORANT ranks and competitive matchmaking revealed

The VALORANT developers have confirmed the competitive matchmaking mode with every tier and rank within it. The post said the new mode will run alongside with unrated matchmaking. The mode will be opened for North America and Europe sometime after the next patch, 0.49, is implemented.

The mode will still be tinkered with and adjusted during the beta, so expect it to be closed down at times. To begin playing ranked, players must also have a minimum of 20 unrated matches under their belt.

Ranks and Tiers

The competitive ranks are similar to other Riot Games ranked modes. There are eight levels of rank, Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Immortal and VALORANT. Each rank has three tiers within it, 01, 02 and 03, except the highest rank, VALORANT, that just has one tier.

According to the VALORANT developers, winning and how decisively you win is the biggest factor in climbing the ranks fast. Stomping a game 13-0 with a 12 KDA will shoot you to the top ranks faster than winning 13-12 with a negative KDA.

Rank does not decay, but if you are inactive from ranked matchmaking for 14 days your rank will be hidden. It will be shown again after your first game back.

Competitive integrity

The developers said that by putting a players entire performance into account for ranking that it will help detect any smurfs or rank boosters.

The competitive mode will allow 5 players to play together, but they must be within 2 ranks, or 6 tiers, of each other. If players decide to que up with 4 of their friends, they will be matched with a team of the same rank and number of players together.

The Future of Ranked

Players rank during the closed beta will not carry over once the game is launched.

The developers said that they will be tinkering with the mode as the beta continues and are currently looking into how to show rank progression outside of the rank display.

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