What to Expect in Patch 1.02

VALORANT’s next patch should be rolling through this week, and there are a few changes that the development team has already confirmed. Here is what to expect from patch 1.02

A Surrender Option

Since the closed beta players have been clamoring for a surrender option. Players leaving or disconnecting from the game have been an annoyance and the only option when in these scenarios is to play out the rest of the game.

The developers first attempt to address these issues was to create harsher punishments for leaving games early. This has worked well to dissuade would be leavers, but does not address the problem of having to play an entire game down a teammate.

In the first Ask VALORANT blog post series, where players submit questions for developers to answer, the developers responded to a question about adding a surrender option to the game.

“Yes! An option for early surrender will be introduced with patch 1.02. ” Wrote Ian Fielding, VALORANT’s Senior Producer.

Ranked Is Back

After a brief hiatus, Ranked Mode is coming back in patch 1.02. In an announcement on the game’s official site, the developers said that ranked will come back with better matchmaking and a focus on balancing pre-made squads with solo players.

Also coming with Ranked Mode is a new name for the top rank, Radiant. This was after the developers received much ridicule for its previous title, Valorant.

Ranked Mode will also have a progression tracker. A log of how players have ranked up, or down, in and across Acts. Acts are supposed to last about two months.

Viper Buffs

Apparently, Viper is finally getting some much needed buffs. The toxic queen has seen some decent play in casual games, but has been absent from most of professional play.

According to VALORANT’s lead character designer Ryan “Morello” Scott, the Agent will receive changes to her Snakebite and Toxic Screen.

Snakebite will now apply a debuff called “Fragile.” The debuff will make all enemies damaged by the toxic zone take more damage from guns and other Agent abilities.

Toxic Screen can now be placed anywhere on the map and go through walls and buildings. This will give Viper tons more wall placement options and possibly shoot her up many people’s tier lists.

“Between that [Toxic Screen] and her Snakebite buff applying Fragile, I think she’ll be a lot more potent,” Scott said on his Twitch Channel.

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