Who is the Worst Valorant Agent?

With so much talk about which agent is the most overpowered in VALORANT so far, we wondered who is the most underpowered, or worst, agent in the game right now.

Most of VALORANT’s debut cast is viable in almost every map and scenario, competitive or otherwise. But, there are a few agents that either have too high of a skill ceiling for most players, or just don’t have as much utility as the rest of the cast. These agents also have a low priority in competitive play.


This bearded initiator used his kinetic blasts to stun his enemies, or allies, through walls. This agent has a very high skill ceiling, which is why he is on this list. Players like Spencer “Hiko” Martin put his abilities to good use, providing flashes and stuns for his allies. But for those who don’t have the mechanical skill, or the FPS knowledge of a Counter Strike veteran, this agent can be frustrating.

A poor performing Breach cannot only waste his abilities by not hitting the enemy team, he can also stun his allies. It seems like the agent can only be used competently by a high level player or someone who has put considerable time into it.

A bad to mediocre Breach is either a neutral force or a complete liability in most games. According to CypherCam.org, a website that compiles VALORANT statistics and data, Breach averages 18.82 kills per game and has an average KDA of 0.91. Both are the lowest of any agent in the game.


The Russian archer finds his way onto this list because his lack of a complete kit and the existence of Cypher. He is has the same function as Cypher, collect vision, but with a more offensive lean. His Shock Bolts only do damage, the same with his Ultimate ability, so his kit feels like a combination of two different VALORANT archetypes.

Sova is classified as an Initiator, but his Owl Drone and Recon Bolt are more like Sentinel abilities. He cannot hold down a bomb site alone like other Sentinels, but he isn’t as attack or stun heavy as an Initiator.

Sova also has a decently high skill barrier. His Recon Arrows require a few hours of YouTube tutorials to get the right launch sites and angles. The same ability also requires some decent knowledge of launch angles, power added to the pullback of the arrow and the amount of bounces added.


The Internet has come to the consensus that Viper is the worst agent. This poison and acid agent feels like a mix of Phoenix and Omen with none of the redeeming qualities. Her poison meter feels limiting, especially because the rest of the cast has nothing similar.

The only thing Viper has going for her is her Ultimate, which can hold down a bombsite when activated. This ability is great, but lacks the kill power and control of other Ultimate abilities. Enemies can still enter her cloud of poison, and a Viper getting killed inside her own Ultimate is not uncommon.

Viper’s status as the most underpowered agent is backed by statistics as well. She has the lowest pick rate of all agents and has the lowest round win rate of 48 percent, according to CypherCam.org.

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